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The beginning

Sandra: Posted on August-21-13 10:08 PM

Well here goes – this is our first blog. Who are we? What are we about? This is about our journey that we have started and where we are going.

My sister, Pamela, and I are finally working our passion. We are a duo-dynamite team recently certified as professional stagers. Our blog is about our thoughts and feelings with a little humour along the way. So, here we go. (Oh, and by the way, I am going to be the resident blogger for our journey so before I go any further I have a disclaimer: “I” means “us.”). Welcome to Simplistic Serenity.

Remember when you were young and just starting out on your working career? Thinking, “Wow, 30 years to go before I can retire,” and then before you knew it, the years had come and gone. Where did the time go? The careers we are just finishing were about doing what we had to do for our kids and our mortgages. Then we started thinking, “What do we want to do in our next career?”

Our kids have grown and started their own lives. As empty nesters we would never just retire and sit around. This new career choice fits us perfectly. Now we get to work our passions. We have paid our dues, so going into the new career choice is about working our passions. Work our passions; we keep saying it: “Work our passions,” and then we laugh and smile.

A little about how this new career choice came about: for our entire lives our mother did this, we do this and now we see our kids doing it. Without thinking about it at the first of the month, we start moving and re-arranging furniture. Yesterday, there I was working my passion (I’m ahead of schedule) when my sweetie came home and nothing was in the same place. Moved or gone from sight. He looked at me and as he pointed to the wall unit I had just moved, said, "I thought you liked this here." I smiled and said, "Time for it to move to its new home."

Moving and cleansing “stuff” is such a great feeling, like starting a new chapter in a great book. Waiting for the pages to unfold and introduce you to new characters. Moving furniture or creating a garden space is like that chapter in the book – we can’t wait to see what we have created (or read) and then we look forward to the anticipation of the next chapter.

So, here we are starting on our new career path, working our passions: staging, minimalizing, downsizing and creating curb appeal. It’s work, absolutely, but it's not in a cubicle, not inside; it’s working with clients hands-on and doing what we like, wait, love. We are Simplistic Serenity.

So here's to the next 15 (or so) years working our passions. See you in two weeks.

Until the next chapter,



Sandra: Posted on September-25-13 9:07 PM


With any new adventure there are dreams attached to it. That’s why a new adventure begins.

Dreams are the best – they are yours and yours alone. No one else should be able to dictate how they go, how long they last, where they take you.

Just starting is the most important part. Take that first step and then the second and before you know it – you will have walked the first mile.

But a dream that is not started will forever play on your mind. So take that first step, have the patience to ride it out and enjoy the process along the way.

We are, enjoying the dream,

Simplistic Serenity

Sandra and Pamela

Learn something new everyday - PUPS can be your next best friend

Sandra: Posted on February-19-15 3:35 PM

As stagers one of the things we ask you to do is to reduce what is not going to be used while you have your house for sale. Eventually you are going to have to pack to move, we only ask you to do it a bit earlier, your house will look like a million bucks. And yes, even we do exactly as we ask you to do; keep reading.

Last summer I helped my sister move into her new house. She had packed up three PUPS and 1.5 storage units. Is that a lot? Maybe but she had a five bedroom house, storage shed and a double car garage (with all those man tools :)

What is this PUPS I keep talking about? Portable Unit Portable Storage (PUPS).

I really didn't know much about the PUPS until her moving day but let me tell you how they work. Initially the empty PUPS get dropped off in your driveway; you fill them until your heart's content; then the PUPS are picked up and stored off or on site until you call and say "please deliver to the new address".

Finally moving day is here for my sister and this is what 'moving day' looked like. The packed PUPS were delivered to the new house where the kids were waiting to help unload, furniture went to the 'foot' master and floor protectors added; and everything was in the house within an hour.

We are not finished yet with the move, we still had to get the 'goods' from the storage units; my sister had reserved a moving truck for the remaining 1.5 storage units. While we went to pick up the moving truck; the kid-gang headed to the storage units and waited for us. We loaded the storage units into the moving truck; drove back to the house where we unloaded. This took roughly 3.5 hours. Not done yet, my sister still had to take the truck back; and let's not forget the gassing up, and then finally, she drove back to the new house. Move is done.

Now reading all that - what sounded better? If you said the PUPS - you hit the nail on the head. Isn't that an amazing schedule; the empty PUPS are dropped off; the loaded PUPS are picked when you are finished packing; the loaded PUPS are stored until you move; the loaded PUPS are dropped off and then the empty PUPS are picked up. All we do is load and unload.

Fast forward six months and now its my turn to pack up. I ordered two PUPS and called in the kids for a morning of work. We scheduled an entire morning to load the PUPS but we were finished in less than two hours. Everything that was not going to be used while I am waiting for the house to sell went into two PUPS. I called for a pick up and off the PUPS went, conveniently stored on site at their PUPS location. Once the house sells I will book an additional PUPS, fill the remainder of my house contents into this PUPS, and then all three PUPS will be delivered to my new address.

No more rental of a truck; gas; mileage and loading/unloading and then finally driving back to drop off the rental.

Yes we load/unload the PUPS but only at the house(s). Can I say enough about a PUPS? Nope, these are the best idea to come along in ages. Before you book that moving truck - check your local area for PUPS and see what you think. In my book, this is definitely the way to go.

Couple of things; I have three smaller PUPS; the PUPS coordinator will work with you to determine the size you need. And I didn't get any reimbursement for promoting this PUPS concept; I just think that it is simply the best way to go.

And Simplistic Serenity is all about simplifying the process.

Moving from this ‘house’ to your new ‘home'.....

Posted on February-28-16 6:28 PM

You’ve thought about the move; what you want in your new home and now you doing what needs to be done to allow you to move forward. You have the stagers coming to help.

As soon as you put your house up on the market; as soon as the sign goes on the lawn - your house is no longer your house – it is a home on the market for sale.

This way of thinking will help when we, the stagers, ask you to remove personal belongings; family photos; your nick-knacks; the residence you are now in is in all shape and forms not your ‘home’ any more – it’s the house you live in until you sell and move to your new dream ‘home’.

This way of thinking will help distance yourself from the memories you are leaving behind. We understand the attachments and we believe that thinking this way will help; the memories will always be there; those we’re not going to take away.

What we’re going to help you do is ‘stage’ your house so that the new potential home owner can see themselves sitting in the rec room watching TV cheering for their favourite hockey team; them sitting in the kitchen while the cookies are baking in the oven; the kids sitting in their bedrooms enjoying the serenity and the calmness……

That’s what we do; we help you get ready to go to your new home by helping you stage your house for the new family in their new home.

Pamela & Sandra

Simplistic Serenity

Stage to sell, Stage for the soul