How it began

Simplistic Serenity is a home staging business started by a fun-loving sister team of Canadian Certified Stagers from the Ottawa Valley. The duo, Sandra and Pamela, hope to use their experience in home décor, passion for art and love of creativity to help homeowners accomplish their goals - whether that means staging to sell or staging for the soul.

They have been staging all of their lives – before staging became the used word.

Beginning of the month, guaranteed that how the house was when you left in the morning was not how it was going to be when you returned home. Don’t think you are going to sit in the same spot – furniture moves around the houses as much as the calendar changes their dates. Their families have come to accept that was once in the morning might not be at the end of the day Pamela and Sandra love the challenge of seeing new life into a room. It is no wonder the ladies would love to help others with how to stage a house.

Take a look around the website to discover a little more about Sandra and Pamela, the services they offer and how to get in contact.

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An Idea was born

We LOVE what we do, we have WALKED the TALK ourselves. We understand it is not easy to declutter or stage. Sandra and Pamela help to alleviate the stress and simplify the process for you.

Working together is an easy way for the ladies; they come at the room from two different angles with two different views and the end result is refreshing and amazing. What makes this duo team different from the rest?

1. There are two sets of eyes looking at one room – chances are they are going to see things that others would miss or not think of.

2. Simplistic Serenity believe in “shopping from the home” rather than going out and spending hundreds – possibly thousands of dollars – Simplistic Serenity want you to save those dollars for where you are going.

3. Pamela and Sandra have ‘walked the talk’ what they suggest to you; they themselves have experienced.

4. Simplistic Serenity will not tell you something that they wouldn’t do themselves.

5. Pamela and Sandra help and guide you through the process of staging to sell.